Friday, August 26, 2005

I saw the 40 Year Old Virgin again. That alone should tell you what I really think of it...

Now onto the Browns game. The stadium isn't bad. We sat in the upper deck in section 532 (at the 25 yard line) and the seats really wen't bad. The steps are murder however. They remind me of the old Riverfront stadium in Cincinnati. I don't see how drunk people don't constantly tumble down them because they are so steep. You could easily see all the action and easily read the players numbers, which I think is about all you can ask for when you go to a football game. Not bad. I won't be going back for a regular season game though. I cannot imagine being down there in the middle of Winter. The wind would be terrible since you're right on top of the lake basically. It was blowing up to 20 MPH last night, which was comfortable because it was 80 outside. When it's 8 outside however, 20 MPH winds would seem to take away a lot of enjoyment. Combine that with all the layered clothing you have to wear and then squeezing yourself into your seat and you get a combination that doesn't make me want to attend.

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