Thursday, June 2, 2005

The Purdue men's basketball team has received a verbal commitment from Gordon Watt, a 6-foot-7 transfer from Boston College.

"I was impressed by the Purdue coaching staff's desire to win," said Watt, who averaged 1.3 points as an Eagle. "At Boston College, I experienced a 20-game winning streak, and I like the idea of coming to a program that has re-emphasized excellence.

He's not too bright is he? He's apparently not too good either. That's the perfect combination so that Painter can "re-emphasize excellence." Desire to win and actually winning are worlds apart. I don't remember hearing about Keady not desiring to win. How about Tiller? He must not have a desire to beat Michigan or Ohio State. Why stop there? Why can't some team owner in Cleveland finally hire someone that DOES have a desire to win? Once the have that desire, watch out world! We're going to win! And if we don't win, at least we're going to have a desire to do so!

Hooray for desire! Desire to win equals championships!

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