Monday, June 6, 2005

The 2006 Purdue football schedule has 13 games... I seem to remember that the NCAA doesn't want a playoff because it would interfere with the students studies. Hmmm. Where is the NCAA outrage that Purdue cares nothing for it's students? Oh. It's not there? Interesting. I guess when it doesn't interfere with the precious BCS, the students are about as important as penguin crap.

Just give us a freaking playoff! The ratings would be out of this world. The bowls wouldn't suffer either you dumbasses. Does no one watch the NFL playoffs just because they aren't the Super Bowl? Last time I checked, they watched all of the playoffs. Does no one watch round 1 games of the mens basketball tournament? I think not. People will watch. If you build a playoff, people will watch!

As for the 2005 schedule, if there was ever a year when a good Purdue team could win the Big 10, then this is it. All they need to do is catch a few breaks here and there (which will not happen, but if it does it could mean a 10 win season.) Here's my prediction for the season:

Akron - W
@Arizona - W
@Minnesota -W
Notre Dame - W
Iowa - L
Northwestern - W
@Wisconsin - L
@Penn State - W
Michigan State - L
Illinois - W
@Indiana - W

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