Sunday, June 5, 2005

Here's my quickie review of Gran Turismo 4...

What is with the freaking load times? Seriously, they had 4 years to work on it and I still have to wait for 20 seconds every time I touch a button? What the heck?!?!

As for the game itself, I'd rate it lower than GT3. There isn't anything that makes it seem new. Sure, it has a new interface. Sure, there's more cars. Sure, there's more tracks. Do any of those things make it more fun? Not to me. Even the Logitech Driving Force Pro doesn't help the fun factor.

The load times completely take you out of any immersion that you feel in the game. Overall it just feels like I've played it before and there's nothing in the game that calls to me to want to play it.

The new B-Spec mode is a nice addition so that I don't have to sit through 1000 miles of endurance racing, but I actually find myself using it on virtually every race. I put it on 3x and tell my driver what to do so I can move on to the next race.

Where's the online revolution? Not here. How is this a vast improvement over GT3? It's not.

I rate Gran Turismo 4 as a completely average game in every way.

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