Monday, June 8, 2009

We had an exciting adventure today of the exploding glass shower door. Glass went everywhere. Lindsay has at least a dozen cuts on her arms and legs but is otherwise okay. Not a planned event today.


boilerdowd said...

she need any stitches?

That's pretty scary...what caused it?

Tim said...

She was cleaning the tub and shower today and took out the glass doors in order to clean them. Since I still can't walk, I couldn't help her.

She lifted it to put it back in and hit something just right (or wrong in this case) and it shattered.

No stitches, but lots of band-aids.

Lindsay said...

We have a working shower now. I have showered, and Tim is on his way to the shower. All of the glass is cleaned up and a new shower curtain/rod has been hung in the place of the shattered/exploding glass door. We're going out to dinner tonight (and we all know how often that happens).