Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things have been busy around here. We just got back from traveling on Sunday night.

Monday morning Lindsay took me to work, went to the Lakewood house to wait for the duct work cleaning crew. When she got back home Max had deposited his lunch all of the carpet. About 5 times. It turns out he has the flu.

Add that to his list of ailments...

He has a yeast infection on his skin.
He needs eye drops 3 times a day.
He is taking anti-inflammatory pills.
He is taking anxiety medicine.
He has prescription shampoo.
He eats prescription dog food.

And now he has the flu.



boilerdowd said...

We had anxiety medication for my dog growing up...it was called a kick in the ass.

Plang said...

Max sounds like a Veterinarian’s wet dream…