Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The electrical in this house sucks. Neutrals are switched. Hots are wired together. Turn off one breaker and it doesn't turn off a switch because it's wired into two breakers. Whoever did it screwed the pooch and we're paying for it. Anything we touch in electrical is taking 4 times longer than it should.

As such we're behind and have no hope of getting cabinets in this weekend. That sucks because we're gone for the rest of the weekends in April, which likely means no working kitchen until May.


Plang said...

Time to burn some vacation time. Kitchens should not sit half-completed. I went a month without mine three years ago and it drove me nuts.

Lindsay said...

We're currently sitting at a month. However, the things we're waiting on are things we cannot do alone. At least my spring break is coming up so I can do some things while I'm not at work.

Plang said...

Ah, contractors. Can't live with them, can't shoot them.