Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One thing that's really irritating me lately is the use of the word "terrorist." When people are called terrorists it greatly diminishes the word. When people call McCain or Obama terrorists they are really just exposing themselves as idiots. It's the same as when someone with different beliefs is compared to Hitler. The argument holds no water whatsoever and is meaningless once that comparison is made -- regardless of how valid your other points may be.

To call someone a terrorist simply because they believe something different than you not only makes you look foolish and ignorant, but is an insult to anyone whose lives have been affected by a real terrorist.

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J Money said...

Amen, brotha.

People don't get how insulting, obnixous and downright knuckle-dragging stupid it is when they compare Bush to Hitler or, as you say, call one of the candidates a terrorist.