Friday, June 27, 2008

T - 10 and counting.

We leave for Hawaii at 7:50 AM. We are trying one last ditch effort to upgrade to first class. We've tried everything else, but now we're hoping for last minute cancellations. We're going to get to the airport at 5:30 AM in hopes of upgrading.

We're flying from Cleveland to Phoenix and then on to Honolulu. We arrive at 2:40 Hawaii time, or 7:40 Cleveland time tomorrow night.

We're there for a week. It should be a great trip.

We'll be back on July 6th, the day before our anniversary.


boilerdowd said...

If you like Toronto, you'll love Hawaii (that's actually their new slogan).

Why do problems with your house even bother you? You're never there anyway.

J Money said...

So I guess Dowd and I will take over Boiled Sports while you're away?

bmp1965 said...

Happy one year anniversary!!