Friday, June 6, 2008

Lindsay and I are heading to Toronto bright and early tomorrow morning. Another couple is coming with us also. We're leaving at 5:00 AM tomorrow and will be watching the Jays - Orioles game at Rogers Centre. For some reason Google still calls it SkyDome and doesn't even know what Rogers Centre is, even though it's clearly labeled on their map.

Anyway, the whole point is that we'll be out of the country starting tomorrow morning, but we'll be back on Sunday afternoon.

Another stadium visit bites the dust. That leaves both Chicago's, Minnesota, Florida, Washington, Anaheim, Seattle, and Colorado.

I also need to see the new San Diego and new St. Louis but have seen both of their old stadiums. I guess technically I've already seen "Washington" since I went to Montreal when they were still the Expos.


J Money said...

I guess I've officially been replaced as your partner for these endeavors.

*sheds lone tiny tear*

Lindsay said...

I am waiting for pictures and updates on Toronto:)

Justin - thanks for sharing your ballpark partner with me!