Thursday, April 24, 2008

The weekend is coming up, so once again that means that we're traveling. We're going to Florida for the weekend. We may be able to go to the Rays game tomorrow night, but we're not certain yet.

Yesterday I had the joy of trying to install a new over the range microwave \ hood vent. Talk about a pain in the butt! Our old microwaves installation bracket doesn't fit the new microwave, so now we need to drill new holes in the wall in order to put up the new bracket, alter a support brace with new holes, and hope that the new bracket is able to actually hold the microwave (which is in doubt at this point.) They conveniently spaced the holes that are supposed to be put into studs at 29 inches. Well who the heck has studs spaced 29 inches apart? What the crap were they thinking? That means that instead of 4 holes in the studs, we'll have 2 and the other 2 will be in drywall. Great.


J Money said...

You can either get some super-thick mollys -- they make some that actually screw into the wall like a big plastic screw; they're the best.

Or, you can use a trick I have used... where you take a piece of wood, maybe an inch thick (like a 1X6) and screw THAT into the studs firmly. Then, screw your bracket into the wood and you should have a more sturdy, secure situation.

e said...

Man, look at JMoney the handyman!!

I have used those big plastic screws for a wall mount pot and pan rack. It has held up so far. But for something like a microwave, I would recommend the board method if you can make it fit.

Okay, enough of this real world talk. Back to sports and making fun of people!!

Tim said...

I like that board idea, but 1 inch might be a little too thick. The microwave already sticks out about 3.5 inches from the front of the cabinet. Even if I just put up 1/2 inch plywood screwed into the studs, that should held the stability quite a bit.

Thanks for the idea.

J Money said...

Yeah, that's always an issue.... I hate it when it sticks out too far (that's what she said!).

yeah, the thinner plywood idea could work, too. Just make sure it's screwed into the studs really securely with 2 1/2 or 3 inch screws. No messing around. Wives get all jumpy when appliances crash to the ground.