Thursday, April 17, 2008

In the ever ongoing saga of things happening to me comes this new revelation. The less than 10 year old roof on our garage is leaking and now needs to be repaired. Congratulations! You're the proud new owner of crap.

In other news, we're investigating the possibility of going to Toronto to catch a game on June 7th, so if you know where we live, please feel free to light our grass on fire. If we really do go that weekend that would put us out of the state for 5 out of 6 weekends.

We're heading down to Tampa next weekend and have tickets to see the Rays play the Tea Parties. Unfortunately, it's looking more and more as if we're not going to able to attend that game. Not that I'm really looking forward to seeing the Trop anyway, but hey, it's one more I could've crossed off my list.


bmp1965 said...

Why do you think you won't be able to see the game?
I've been to the Trop (club seats, very nice) and it my first experience seeing a game indoors. Weird feeling to see a game under a roof. Since then, I've been to Toronto and seen a game with the roof closed.
I missed seeing Wade Boggs hit 3,000 by one game when I was in Tampa, but I did see Omar Vizquel at the gift shop of the Salvador Dali museum!!

J Money said...

Hey, you should come to Houston instead of Toronto, Mr. I don't have any more vacation to see my friends.


Tim said...

The difference is that we can go to Toronto and get back in a weekend without taking any vacation off and without having to pay for airfare.