Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hopefully this will be the second to last busy night of the year. I'm working on somewhat of a secret Christmas present for my family and am trying to get it all done tonight.

Last night I was busy responding to Lindsay's kids. She had them write letters to Santa Claus (me) and I responded to them. Quite excellently I might add. I went above and beyond if I do say myself. Hopefully they like them.

Two days from now is my Dad's birthday, but we're having them over tomorrow night for dinner, so that should be the last busy night. Until of course we have to drive to Maryland on Friday... so maybe I have no idea how many busy nights I have left.

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J Money said...

YOU'RE Santa Claus?? I had no idea... and to think, all this time..... Assume Tim Allen passed the mantle to you in some kind of freak, roof-accident.