Saturday, September 15, 2007

Purdue looked untouchable in the first quarter against Central Michigan today. Their offense was carving up CMU's defense like a chainsaw through a turkey. It was ridiculous.

Then they inevitably came back to Earth and allowed the Chippewas to put a little scare into some fans, but not apparently ESPN, who decided that they would stop showing the game at all so that we could watch Temple versus Connecticut. I kid you not.

Just so you know, Temple got jobbed in that game. It essentially ended with a referee replay, which they completely managed to screw up. The Temple player caught a ricochet pass in bounds with a foot down. Didn't matter. The refs screwed it up twice. Oh well. I guess that's what happens when you only win 1 out of your last 27 games.

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plang said...

I watched part of the Purdue game on ESPN2 as well, until they switched it to the Auburn game. Then I left to go to the Utah game. I didn't know Purdue was going to be on, I just turned on the TV to see the scores.

Whoever it was they had calling the game was none too bright either.