Sunday, September 16, 2007

Purdue looked like the number 1 team in the country. In the first quarter. Then they fell back to Earth, but still managed a victory. 3-0 feels good.

Notre Dame is awesomely awful. I love it. It's splendiferous.

The Browns offense was off the charts. Their defense is allowing 40 points per game however, so the offense NEEDS to be off the charts. Week 1 of Derek Anderson QB, pretty good. Charlie Frye? Who?

The Indians remain in first place, and we'll be at the game on Friday versus the A's. It's fireworks night! Yay for us.

All in all a good weekend.


boilerdowd said...

Sounds like you should buy an Ohio Lotto ticket...all is going your way. Congrats!

Maybe if you'd use your tickets to the Boiler games you'd get to see them in their entirety.

J Money said...

I know that dig was at Mr. VanFatten but I must also say that believe me, we'd both love to be at every game (or at least I would). But literally, the ONLY Purdue weekends I could do without other obligations in the way this year were/are 9/8 (which is too early) and 10/20 (which we're coming to).

Believe me, it kills me to not come to the ND ritual killing and the potential showdown with OSU. Damn marriage and resulting obligations.