Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alfonso Soriano : I'm not playing the outfield. Where are my diapers?

Washington Nationals : Yes, you are playing the outfield. Shut your pie hole.

Alfonso Soriano : No. I told you before. I'm not playing the outfield. I am the best second baseman in the world. Where's my blanky?

Washington Nationals : Well, we're putting you out there anyway. You're playing left field today.

Alfonso Soriano : No I'm not! I want to play second base and I want it now!

Washington Nationals : Okay. Here's the deal. You're under contract, so you're going to play or we're going to put you on the disqualified list.

Alfonso Soriano : So! I'm playing second base. Where's my din-din?

Washington Nationals : Well, I guess then you're on the DQ list. That means you make no money for this year and oh, sorry to say, you also are not a free agent next year. Too bad, so sad.

Alfonso Soriano : Oh. I pooped myself.

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