Monday, May 2, 2005

Last week, the federal government released a new food pyramid. Not just one, but twelve.

Apparently the different food pyramids are designed for meeting different people's needs. I'm going to guess that mine is a mile high tower of tacos, 1000 feet wide at the base.

Also, none of the guidelines really seem to apply to my lifestyle. They measure servings in cups, where as I measure servings in gallons.

Which pyramid is right for me? Tell me government! I demand satisfaction! A lot of my tax dollars went into creating these pyramids and I don't see one that has a thousand foot base and is a mile high while entirely made up of tacos. Or even chicken and cheese calzones that are then dipped into Miracle Whip all the while consuming 8 glasses of milk. Where's that freaking pyramid? Huh?

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