Sunday, March 20, 2005

I've not been terribly impressed with CBS' coverage of the tournament so far.

Okay, so there's only 34 seconds left in the game you're watching and the team is down by 3. We're going to take you to the game where theres 8 minutes left and theres a 16 point margin. Brilliant.

Oh, there's two games that are going to be decided in the final 5 seconds? Interesting. We'll show you the one where they're talking to their coach during a timeout instead of showing you the one where it was won by a three pointer at the buzzer. We're smart.

What do you mean "split screen?" I'm not familiar with that concept. You means it's possible for me to watch TWO games at the same time? How many televisions do I need in order to do that? One!?!?! *head explodes*

Apparently that's what CBS must think. We Americans are awfully stupid, and if they don't hold our hands we might die. Two games at once. I must be insane.

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