Tuesday, July 27, 2004

There are only a few issues that I have with the Bourne Supremacy.  During the first 20 minutes of the movie it must have been a crime to use a non-handheld camera and it must have also been a crime to stay on a scene for more than 1 second.  Every shot was jumping all over the place as the cameraman runs after whatever it is he was shooting.

Cut to the phone.  Cut to the door.  Cut to Matt Damon.  Cut to the car.  Cut to the mailbox.  Cut to the TV.  Cut to the newspaper.  Cut to a non-related airplane flying over.  Cut to someone at the beach.  Cut back to Matt Damon.  Cut to the door again.

You've just experienced 11 seconds of the movie.

After the first 20 minutes, the handheld camera shots decreased by at least 75% and the non-stop cutting stopped (at least until the Moscow car chase).  That's also when the movie became watchably good... maybe even good enough to purchase.  I thought it was on par with the Bourne Identity.  The rating for this movie seems to float.  It could be anywhere from a 6 to an 8.  For now, I will set the rating at 6. Would accept as a gift / would pay money to rent.

Also, they apparently cut out the perplexed/constipated look he had on the rooftop.  Either that, or maybe I just blocked it out, because while I remember the scene, I don't recall seeing that look.

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