Monday, July 5, 2004

I was reading about some of the worst baseball all-stars on when I came across this amusing paragraph:

Griffin, a shortstop, had an incredible .546 OPS in 1984. He hit 4 homers, drove in 30 runs, and walked four times in 423 plate appearances. Why did he make the team? John Feinstein, writing from San Francisco, the site of the All-Star game, explained in the Washington Post: "Making the All-Star team the hard way: major league baseball pays the expenses for each player here and for one guest. In most cases, players bring wives or girlfriends. Damaso Garcia, the Toronto Blue Jays' second baseman, brought his shortstop, Alfredo Griffin. When the' Tigers Alan Trammell hurt his arm and could not play tonight, Manager Joe Altobelli named Griffin to the team, partly because he's a fine player, but mostly because he was here."

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