Wednesday, April 7, 2004

I'm watching the Dodgers and Padres game last night on channel 779 because I get the MLB season package preview for a week. I saw a commercial for Carls Jr (a fast food place in California.) They are advertising Laker bobbleheads and how they have the most popular Lakers. The problem is that they actually don't. Here's their great selection of popular Lakers: Devean George, who I don't imagine is really that popular, Rick Fox, who I also can't see being that popular, Derek Fisher, who might be popular but certainly isn't the most popular, and Karl Malone... a Laker for 3 months. Woo! There you have it. The most popular Lakers.

Screw Shaq. Screw Kobe. We never did like them says Carls Jr. I'd take Devean George over either of them any day.

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