Saturday, April 24, 2004

Emperor Davis: Hey Detroit, I heard that you're going to take Roy Williams with the number 6 pick.

Joe Detroit: Yes, that's correct.

Emperor Davis: Well we really want to draft Kellen Winslow Jr with the number 6 pick.

Joe Detroit: You do realize that you can just pick him at number 7 right?

Emperor Davis: Yes. Take my second round pick. I am an idiot.

Joe Detroit: Okay, and yes, you are an idiot.

Emperor Davis: Enough of your banter. I demand you take our second round pick. On top of that, I also demand that someone takes our 5th and 6th round picks also. Our team is so perfect we need nothing. NOTHING. I am in total control. I am the emperor. Bow before me.

If I actually cared about the Browns anymore I think I would go drive off a bridge. They are a bunch of idiots. Apparently it doesn't matter that they give up 800 sacks a game. Maybe that's why they have 52 quarterbacks.

Random crappy player drafted by idiots: Oh hey coach, another quarterback got his legs ripped off because we have no offensive line.

Emperor Davis: SILENCE! Send in disposeable quarterback number 14! Get rid of Couch too! I am the emperor! Get me more Miami Hurricane players. I demand satisfaction.

It's almost enough to make me watch soccer.

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