Sunday, August 10, 2003

Good news! According to the idiots broascasting the Browns game on NBC last night, Browns rookie Lee Suggs is a football player. Well that's fantastic news. I'm happy to hear they didn't draft a tennis player. They were talking about the running game, and how depth may be an issue for the Browns because of Jamel Whites recent injuries, but they stated that there was good news, because Lee Suggs is a football player.

Terrific insight you freakin geniuses. I'm happy that you get paid to be such an insightful bunch of crap.

In other news, last night the Browns porous prevent defense did exactly what it is designed to do. It enabled the Titans to march up and down the field like they were playing against a bunch of first graders. 10 yard pass to the left, 8 yard run up the middle, 7 yard sweep to the right, 11 yard pass to the right, 7 yard pass to the left, 4000 yard quarterback draw. It's the same thing all the time. Defense sucks, offensive line sucks, William Green sucks, defensive backs suck, and Tim Couch doesn't suck, but that won't matter anyway, because Holcomb will be the new starter. Here's a great idea. Let's play more than one offensive lineman. Maybe then Couch would have more than ZERO seconds to throw the ball. Hey guess what... wide receivers are supposed to CATCH the ball. Last night Couch was 4 of 8 but he had 2 drops. The play calling was also noticeably different for Holcomb than it was for Couch. They were both in for 15 plays, but Holcomb got to throw downfield on 6 of them, and had 5 additional passing plays, with only 4 running plays. Couch got to throw downfield a whopping 1 time and had 7 short passing plays, with 7 running plays.

It seems obvious to me that they want Holcomb to win the job so that they can save some cash. Bah.

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