Thursday, July 24, 2003

Who needs rookies? Not the Browns. Training camp has already started, and they have signed ZERO rookies. Does it matter that you cut your starting center last year because you drafted a new center in the first round? YES IT DOES. It matters because you still haven't signed the frigging guy and last year there was about as much cohesion on the offensive line as there is in that festering pit of mucus.

Since they don't have any rookies to worry about, I sure hope that Butch Davis makes them practice that good ole prevent defense he loves so much. I can't wait to see that scheme. Why not just announce it already that the whole year we'll just play prevent defense. Maybe we can start up a new offense too... the prevent offense. That is sure as heck what it looked like we were playing last year anyway.

Hey kids, I'm Butch Davis. My strategy is to score zero points and to let the other team gain 9 million yards a game but hope to keep them out of the endzone. And you know what boys and girls? I get paid a trillion dollars a minute to do that. Whoopee. I am so fantastic.

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