Friday, September 12, 2008

This really pisses me off. I'm reading an article about the Boeing strike and came across the following:
"Boeing blitzed the Seattle radio waves with ads making the case for the deal and urged workers to read the details about its offer on the company Web site. But such tactics, union leaders charged, amounted to improperly going over the heads of the union bargainers. The communications, they bristled, were nothing more than a bid to bargain directly with workers."
What, may I ask, is wrong with directly informing the workers? They're not lemmings -- well, they're not supposed to be anyway. In fact, however, that's exactly what they are and exactly what the union wants. The union doesn't want people that are capable of thinking for themselves. They want people to do what's good for the union and not necessarily good for the workers.

The union is so terrified that the workers will find out for themselves that the offer they received is far beyond what other companies would've offered. They're terrified that if the workers find out that it's not a right for them to work, it's a privilege, that they'll be concerned for their jobs -- as they should be in the current environment.

Reading about the bureaucratic mess that is the union at Boeing (and anywhere really) really makes me angry. Do you really need a whole bunch of people to sit around and wait for supplies to get their and then have those people take those supplies to other workers? Why can't the suppliers just take the materials directly where they need to go? Oh. That's right. They can -- or at least they should be able to -- but the union won't allow it because it's "unfair labor practices." Yeah. Really freaking unfair. Get off your fat union asses and do some real work for a change.

You do realize that no where else in the world will you get paid $34 per hour to hold a flashlight or drive a fork lift right? You do realize that any idiot without even a high school diploma would be extremely happy to do that job for less than half what they pay you.

I'm REALLY hoping that Boeing completely breaks the IAM. I'm talking like Ivan Drago. Crush them. I can't wait.


E said...

I agree. They whine about Boeing outsourcing.....ummm, can you blame them? Why pay out the butt for these guys when people in other countries can do it for half the cost? It's called capitalism, bitches.

J Money said...

Couldn't agree more, but don't you benefit from a union, Tim? Or does that not include your group? I can never remember...

Also, Drago lost.

Tim said...

I don't benefit from a union. There is only one union plant in our division (and maybe the company entirely.)

Some of the stuff I've heard happens there completely contrary to anything productive. For example, an engineer cannot carry a box of their own parts. They have to get someone from the union to walk with them and carry the parts for them. Yes. I'm serious.