Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So the price of gasoline on the market has dropped nearly 30 cents in the past two days. Any chance that we'll see that reflected in the prices we pay at the pump? Nope. The reason?

"The gas that we've purchased in our tanks is still the same price. We won't purchase cheaper gas for a few weeks. At that time, the prices will come down."

Well, isn't that interesting? It's amazing how quickly they must purchase new gas when the price of fuel goes up on the market. It goes up by 20 cents on the market in the morning and by noon it's up at the gas station. Wow.

Silly me. That must just be a coincidence. It's all in my head that prices seem to rise with the market, but not fall with the market...


Lindsay said...

And we get stuck coasting and riding around town at 15mph in neutral. Think of it this way... all families should have teachers in them, because the cost of gas for a teacher in the summer is much less than it is during the school year! Yay for us!

boilerdowd said...

Gas stations and oil companies play both sides of the coin and always seem to come out ahead. I was just talking about this "phenomenon" with a friend yesterday-

Oil goes up $5/barrel...we see a $.10 increase the next day...Oil drops $17/barrel...we actually see gas prices raise again the next day.

That is some sweet action.