Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The hotel room has been booked for Hawaii. You may be asking yourself when I'm going to Hawaii. Well, self, the answer is... next year.

Jamaica this year. Hawaii next year.

I'm rich bitch.

Or something.

Definitely something.


Ed said...

Me and the wife went to Jamaica a few years ago to a Sandal's resort. We had a great time. Be prepared for the locals wanting $20 tips for doing 5 minutes of "work". You'll also be offered weed by people you wouldn't expect to. A guy who worked at the airport tried to sell me some.

E said...

I went to Barbados for my honeymoon. We got offered weed every night on the beach. But they used a different slang word each time. "Mary Jane" being the funniest one. Do people even use that term anymore?!

boilerdowd said...

We got asked if we "wanted to party" I'd always respond that I wasn't much of a partier.

J Money said...

Ry - Unless it comes to "swinging." Then you're a partier among partiers.