Saturday, August 21, 2004

Is it possible for Stephon Marbury to be any more useless in international play? I don't see how he could pull that off. Let's look at his game by game results:

USA vs Puero Rico
25 minutes
1 -5 field goals
0 - 0 free throws
1 rebound
0 turnovers
1 assist
3 personal fouls

USA vs Greece
26 minutes
3 - 7 field goals
1 - 2 free throws
1 rebound
2 turnovers
6 assists
0 personal fouls

USA vs Australia
23 minutes
0 - 4 field goals
1 - 2 free throws
0 rebounds
1 turnover
5 assists
3 personal fouls

USA vs Lithuania
32 minutes
2 - 14 field goals
3 - 4 free throws
1 rebound
0 turnovers
3 assists
2 personal fouls

WHY IS THIS FREAKING GUY STARTING?!?!? He's shooting 20% from the field and 63% from the free throw line. He has 8 fouls and 3 rebounds. Whoopty do. If you're telling me that this is the best that USA basketball can send to the Olympics, then it's no wonder why they have now lost 2 of their 4 games. Marbury cannot defend. He cannot shoot. He cannot rebound. He can't lead the team down the floor, and he can't think. USA down by 4 with 3 seconds left. Hey Stephon, lets shoot a useless layup. GREAT! Ever hear of trying to draw a foul on a three pointer? Remember.... Lithuania just pulled that off a minute ago? Remember that? It's called fundamentals. You don't have any. Sit your ass on the bench. If I can see this, why can't Larry Brown? This is driving me crazy.

What the freak. Who the hell cares that team USA is made up of mind blowingly fantastic athletes when, if you're not named Tim Duncan, you can't play a drop of actual basketball.

TEAM USA, DO YOU WANT TO WIN THE GOLD MEDAL??? Here's how you do it.

Give the ball to Tim Duncan EVERY SINGLE TIME. If he shoots 60 times a game, you WILL WIN. I don't care if he is being guarded by 4 guys every time he touches the ball. I don't care. He can score, and get this... he can SHOOT FREE THROWS. Do you know what those are? Those are shots where no one is guarding you. Not even a single person. And you still miss 45% of the time.

Give Duncan the ball. For the love of God.

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