Monday, September 15, 2003

I'm wondering if the new '04 Acura TL is going to be worth adding to my list. The performance sounds nice, but it's just a glorified Accord. A VERY glorified Accord, but still, I need something different. The Acura RSX Type-S just reminds me of a faster version of my car, and I don't think I want that. I actually like the new F-150, but I can't see myself driving a truck. The G35 in mid next year will come in an all wheel drive variety, which is more practical in Clevelands 364.9 days of snow or rain, so to me, that car is still the leading contender for my consumer dollars. The Chrysler 300C looks like a Bentley to me. I think I still have vision in both my eyes though, so I can't be making this up. Yeah the GTO sounds fun, but I find it to be ugly. The front is OK, but back reminds me of a Lumina, and who wants to drive a fast Lumina? If it looked like the Stratus SXT then I'd consider it. The Cadillac XLR is the first Caddy in a long while that I've actually liked. It's too bad the price is at least double what I want to pay. The new Durango looks HORRIBLE. It looks like the child of a minivan and a bus. The '05 Subaru Legacy looks pretty nice, potentially list worthy.

When all is said and done though, it's still the G35 Sedans to lose.

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