Saturday, April 19, 2003

I saw Daredevil this weekend. Four words come to mind... not enough Jennifer Garner.

It seems like the movie was about 20 minutes too short. They left out chunks of plot in order to move the story along... why exactly did Garner and Afleck hook up? They meet in a coffee shop, get into a fight on the school yard, and the next thing you know they're hooked up. Did I lose consciousness for part of the movie? It seems like it went from "Hey I kicked you in the groin." to "Hey let's make babies." pretty quickly.

The fight with Kingpin was also over way too fast. The Kingpin is supposed to run all crime in the city, yet you spray him with some water, kick him in the leg, and the fight is over in 2 minutes?. Hmmm.

More fighting, more Jennifer Garner, and more plot equals better movie.

Daredevil gets a rating of : 4. Would watch it on TV if there was nothing else on and I had nothing better to do.

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